Asheville Town Mountain Preserve

The Skies

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Asheville is home to some of the highest mountains to climb in the U.S with some of the most gorgeous sights to see, many of which can be found in the Preserve itself. Another benefit of being so high up in the sky though, is the view from the very top. Basking in the glow of the rising and or setting radiant Carolina sun, the beautiful skyline will be there to meet your gaze when you reach the mountain top.

Mixes of purple, yellow, and light orange hues are the telltale signs of an Asheville sunset at dusk. As the sun deludes into a dwindling ball of light, a cool deep purple shrouds the distant mountains in mysterious darkness, as the city below prepares for a night’s long rest.

The lights from the traffic signs and speeding cars below lights up the city, to signify that even in the night, our lives continue every onwards, as the city itself never rests. The yellow gleam on the horizon coupled with the consuming purple darkness makes for one of the most gorgeous night time views you’ll get from one of the preserves mountain tops.

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Of course Asheville has its daytime beauty as well. In the morning, or this case, noon time, you’ll be able to look out upon clear blue skies, and the sun should already be out greeting the world as it once again illuminates the surrounding mountains, reminding everyone of the majesty and overwhelming beauty of the mountain scape that sits right on their front door.

The lights from the city no longer glow, but the natural light of the world shines a bright spotlight down on the “climate city”. The high scraping buildings, contrasted with the overflow of green from the woods shows that Asheville is a city surrounded by nature, and once that thrives off it as well

If ever you find yourself at the Preserve, push yourself to conquer a mountain or a cliff that you think you can climb. More than likely, your efforts will be rewarded with a stunning view.

Asheville Town Mountain Preserve

High Flying Birds

Bird watchers beware, Asheville is home to plenty of different birds so its good to keep an eye out as well as a pair of binoculars ready. Up the in trees or down bobbing up and down on the ground, you’ll come across a wide array of flying friends, especially up in the mountains.

Jonathan Eckerson,

When you’re up in the mountains, keep an eye in the sky and you might catch a glimpse of a red tailed hawk, with its distinct light red back feathers, or perhaps even an eagle soaring overhead, searching for prey. Chances are, if you can see them, they can see you as well. As they scout the ground from up above, you’ll have a good chance to snap a few photos of the majestic birds and their great wide wingspan. Both eagles and the red tailed hawks make nests high up in the trees so keep an eye out for large nests, as you might just see a bird of prey returning from the hunt.

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Looking down at the ground or on some smaller bushes, shrubbery, or trees you might observe a few Carolina Wrens. The plump little birds have a tail that just as long as its short little body and is often stuck up. They’re often given away by their high-pitched chirp. Similarly, other small birds such as eastern blue birds and Carolina Chickadees may also be hopping around in the same areas as the wrens.

You’ll spot these in your backyard but not nearly in as many numbers as you will out in the wild. Smaller birds usually prefer to travel in large groups and are much easier to scare of than a larger bird or predator. Even the plump little wrens are surprisingly nimble and quick to hop/fly away

Suzie McCann,

You’re also sure to come across your fair share of colorful birds as well. Sometimes in nature, bright colors can mean danger and intimidation, but in the case of these beautiful Northern Cardinals, there is nothing to fear. They’re brightly colored, whistling little beauties that you’ll most likely spot near a feeder or up on a high branch of a large tree. These birds have poor sight but make up for it in their speed and numbers. The females of this species are often a more tan or brownish color.

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Other colorful birds include blue jays, and American goldfinch’s who can be spotted from their bright yellow feathers and small point beaks. Finch are quite small, and can often be mistaken for humming birds because of it. The little birds are often attracted to seeds and feeders very similar to the Northern Cardinal. The female goldfinch will often have distinct white markings as well as a darker colored forehead.

These are just a few examples of some of the prettiest, biggest, and smallest birds to be found around the Mountains of Asheville. Make sure to keep an eye out on your next trip, as you might just run into a goldfinch …or maybe even a red tailed hawk.

Asheville Mountains

Bugs, snakes, and other pests

It is more than likely that you will run into your fair share of unusual and possibly dangerous critters and crawlers. From snakes to pestering mosquitoes, you’ll be swatting away and jumping from many different bugs and insects so its important that you keep an eye on them while you travel through Asheville’s gorgeous mountain scape. Its a beautiful place indeed, but it is nature, and other living beings live here, this is there home and you’ve stepped right in the middle of it. Make sure to keep this in mind, because the trees and dirt you march through, is their habitat.

In most wooded areas of the forest you will end up encountering mosquitoes. Red bumps will appear on your body and you probably wont really even know how or why. Make sure to bring your ointments and creams along with you on long hikes, as well as long socks that you can use to protect yourself. You’ll also come across grasshoppers, who wont harm you, but will certainly pose stiff for a picture if they feel shocked or threatened. They’re fast though, so if you arent careful they’ll hop away qucikly.

Another annoying pest you’ll find are ticks. I’ve unfortunately met the wrath of these small bugs when I was younger and about 3 of them decided to latch on to my back. I was wearing a very thin shirt while sifting through some bushes and ended up finding them latched on to me in the shower. The forest is littered with these little parasites so keep an eye out.

Snakes are a great fear of many mountain travelers, and indeed the serpents do line the dirt in the most secret and invisible of places. However, not all snakes are as deadly or venomous. Garden snakes are non-venomous and much less dangerous than most snakes. You’ll see plenty of them along your hikes and there is no need to crush or hurt them as they will not bother you. Usually the best thing to do is to spot the stripes lined on the snake. If the pattern is unrecognizable then its better to steer clear. The same applies to multi-colored or bright colored frogs which are most often venomous and not to be messed with.

Arachnophobes beware, spiders are no stranger to the tall oak and spruce trees that line to forest, and will spin their webs from branch to branch. The best option in many cases is to stay away from the underside of trees as you might run into and get caught in the webs. Make sure to shake yourself off well if you find yourself in this situation.

There many crawling bugs and slithering reptiles out there in the wild, so make sure you keep an eye out for them to make sure you and your fellow travelers are safe.

Asheville Town Mountain Preserve


As we know, Asheville’s Town mountain Preserve is a beautiful place. It’s home to some of the most breath-taking views from the mountain tops in all of Asheville, its littered with a beautiful array of different trees, rocks, bushes, creeks, and water streams, and of course is home to some of the most luxurious cabins and houses that a town this size can offer.

What else will you get the chance to see during your stay? The answer may already be obvious, but if you’re looking for the definitive outdoor experience, you will more than likely come into contact with some of the beautiful animals that inhabit Asheville’s hilly, gorgeous mountains.

Picture of the Elk around Asheville

The Town Mountain Preserve itself doesn’t talk much about its furry inhabitants, so I’ve consulted the explore Asheville page to truly talk about some of a the wildlife one can run into while out in the wild. Elk are just a few of these animals. With their large antlers and furry coats, they make for a magnificent sight to see. While most Elk will be found near Cataloochee, there’s a chance these large creatures may appear in the deep forests of the Preserve.

A bald Eagle perched atop a tree

For bird watchers, there are plenty different kinds of fowl to watch in awe. Bald Eagles are just one of the birds that soar the mountain skies. There are also Peregrine Falcons, Great Blue Herons, and even Woodpeckers. According to these are only a small few of 200 different birds that make their home in the mountains before a few migrate south. This makes the town mountain preserve a prime destination for any bird watchers or admirers looking to snap some awesome pics, or just to admire nature with their own two eyes.

Of course, wherever there are mountains, you can always expect to see a few bears. It’s not too uncommon to spot a bear around the high mountains of Asheville, and this will often be the cause of many people’s curiosity, as well as possible panics. Luckily, Black bears are usually quite harmless unless provoked. These furry animals are adorable and fun to watch, but it’s important to take precautions before enjoying them. Make sure to keep food away from the bears, don’t feed them in any situation. Make sure you valuables are in hard to reach spots, and certainly done make an effort to provoke or egg on any of the bears.

The wildlife at Asheville is certainly a great splendor to see and offers some of the most unique and beautiful animals in North Carolina. get out your bird watching binoculars, and take the proper precautions, and you’ll be sure to see all that the mountains have to offer.

Town Mountain Preserve

Houses and Residence

Asheville’s Town Mountain Preserve is not just an eloquently designed nature escape, its also home to many residents who are fortunate enough to be living right in the center of the beautiful mountain landscape. Their houses have a clear area around them, but not too far outside are they met by the majesty of the wooded hilly mountainside.

Those lucky enough to stay here will bear witness to some of the most elegantly designed housing in Asheville. The great houses not only have a great look out at the woods, but also a magnificent vantage point from which to watch the purple and orange hues of the sunset envelope the skyline. There are very few places that can offer such a treat.

The residents of the Town Mountain Preserve aren’t restrained to small log cabins or a cramped hotel like most locations you’d find at a lesser establishment. As depicted above, many of the houses are outfitted with luxurious brick built houses with a two car garages and plenty of free open yard space. There are also slanted stylized roofs and plenty of greenery, plants and trees peppered about the front and back yards.

The gated community offers a range of different houses ranging from $720,000-$1,400,000. Property taxes range at about $100 of assessed value. The houses are eco-friendly according to their website. All of the utilities are underground and natural gases and fiber optic technology is included and installed in the buildings. The owners of the houses at the preserve only pay taxes for the county and not for the City of Asheville.

The architecture of the houses are well-crafted and blend in well with the environment. The brown and green hues of the forest are perfectly melded with the unique and vibrant colors of house. They don’t stick out in an ugly fashion, rather they compliment the nature and environment around them and are fashioned perfectly around them

Each house is widely spaced out over the several acres of land held within the Mountain Preserve. The houses are positioned so that you are in a fair distance between you and your neighbors but you are also close enough to where you can freely interact with them. Its a perfect getaway destination for anyone looking to live out in the woods and mountains whilst maintaining a small amount of contact with others.

While you might not be spending as much time indoors as you will outside admiring the mountain preserve, the housing is top notch and sure to impress any traveler or resident looking to stay. There’s plenty of space and certainly no lack of activities and adventures to go on as well. Even if it may not be the most important or memorable part of your stay at this beautiful preserve, it is well suited for any family or person who wishes to travel into the mountains for a retreat up above Asheville’s thriving city.

Asheville, Town Mountain Preserve

Trails Through the Trees

Asheville’s Town Mountain Preserve is home to plenty of beautiful houses that are surrounded by a large and colorful wooded area that’s parted by long paved out trails that help residents through the large woods and allow them to admire the beauty of the landscape.

Even in the colder seasons the beauty of Asheville’s hilly mountain landscape is a gorgeous view to behold. Winding paths that weave together and flow down the rounded landscape certainly gives the feeling that you’re on top of the world and reaching the heights of the landscape. The view from the top is breathtaking and gives the residents and visitors and eagles eye view of Asheville below, helping them understand the scale but also the culminating beauty of the sum of Asheville’s parts.

The trails are clean as this is a gated community which helps the beauty of the mountains to be preserved and on display in full glory for visitors and residents alike. These convenient paths connect not only the wooded areas to the public, but also connect down to the cozy wood-built cabins and houses that are scattered about the preserve.

The trails are convenient, well-cleaned, and also good source of exercise for those looking for a brisk jog through the woods, as well as an incentive for adventure. The Mountain Town has plenty of large creeks and wide open spaces in which nature resides. The wild and the natural lures us because its in our nature as humans to explore and be in tune with our more natural and wild side. These trails are paths to this adventure and they make traversing

The trails allow for easy access to some of the Town’s most beautiful landscapes and outlooks that overlook the gorgeous area. Locations such as Longspur Dr. and the Lewis Gap lead into the deeper woods of the mountain town. The trails of course also act as roads for cars, but the sense of excitement here comes from the thrill of hiking and trudging up the long stretching hills until the satisfaction of reaching the peak rewards your eyes and body both with a level ground view from the very top.

The trails and roads of the Asheville Town Mountain Preserve are quite literally the veins that course through the town and help connect all the locations and houses, as well as offering a transport and passage way for people to explore the beauty of Asheville’s great mountains. They wrap around the winding landscape and trail through many creeks, divides, and cliffs that are open for the entire population of the town, as well as visitors, to fully explore.

The reviews on the Preserve are mostly raving, one of the highlights of course being the beautiful trails that connect this town above the skies and atop the mountains.

Asheville, Town Mountain Preserve

Town Mountain Preserve Trees and Forest

This is a map of the Preserve

Town Mountain Preserve is a gated community near the heart of downtown Asheville, and is home to some of Ashville’s most glorious mountain forest nature. It’s also a seasonal destination for mountain retreats that offers plenty of houses for sale surrounded by the majestic woods and high standing mountain ranges.

One of the main attractions to the area is the towering trees that surround the winding trails around the mountain preserve. The majesty of these beautiful trees is what truly creates the sprawling flood of greenery that paints the town. IT’s also one of the area’s biggest attractions as its quite the eye catcher and certainly a prime location for some walks/hikes. According to their official website, the Town Mountain Preserve sits atop 182 acres of land with Quaint little houses spread throughout the forest area. .

Standing thin and tall, most of the basic oak trees are peppered throughout the large town mountain, as small paved paths cut through to allow visitors and residents alike to roam the beautiful green forest. Between these paved paths lie long, caved in creeks with flowing fresh water glistening off the sharp rocks and moss clumps congregating near the creek’s edges.

The trees are often bare at their bottoms and lower center, but their green tops drape over the trails below like a large fluffy green umbrella. Look up and you’ll be able to see the radiant sunshine, ever brighter in the mountains, peaking through the leaves, leaving thin rays of sunshine scattered through the paved trails. There are also several more natural dirt trails around the preserve that lead into these wooded areas as well.

Colorful skyline visible

This particular area of Asheville is much higher up in the mountains, which makes for a gorgeous view of the forest scraping the beautiful orange and purple blended skyline that illuminates the forest right before dark. The “Private Mountain Communities” website speaks about the area and states that the area is sometimes referred to as the place where “Asheville Touches the Sky!”

The area itself offers a wide selection of houses near some of the most awe inspiring areas in the the woods. The woods are filled with different specimen trees and properties up to four acres with breath-taking views of the large mountain ranges that Asheville is so famous for. The wooded area is complete with the streams and meadows woven throughout and the seasonal colors that are so vibrantly highlighted by the sunshine above.

Th fall seasons are when the true magnificence of the Town Mountain is in full display, as the the woods and trees are flushed in bright greens, deep reds, and vibrant oranges as the radiant barrage of colors falls down on the paths and streams below covering the town in colorful leaves.

Town Mountain Preserve in the Fall Season

If you’re going to Asheville, you’re most likely visiting for either the city, or the large forest mountains. Town Mountain Preserve is one of the best places one can visit to scratch that adventurous itch. There are plenty places within the forest for long hikes, walks, and plenty of beautiful natural sights such as creeks, streams and wide open meadows to truly get the full experience.