A nice sit-down

By the lake

This picture was taken a couple days after my failed attempt at a walk. My friend and I decided to sit down near the lake instead. In the more woodsy area where geese do not realm. I should note I am very afraid of geese. I do not like geese near me. They’re terrifying creatures. It was a nice, peaceful place. I found an old article in the Guilfordian from 2006 written by Davis Greene called “Sediment build-up deteriorates Guilford’s lake.” This article made me reflect on not only how the lake is now not swimmable but the meaning of it has changed. The article stated that the lake used to be a popular spot to swim and boat but those activities are now banned. As stated by someone from Guilford, it would be a liability to let students swim in the lake. The lake is pretty but I would not go inside and risk getting sick in order to have a swim. Well, I can not even swim so I wouldn’t jump into a body of water without really knowing how deep it is. I have always wanted to canoe in the lake though. That seems a little safer. Technically, you are not in the water. Even so, it’s unfortunate to have lost activities that were so fun. I recall my freshman year the most.

I think it was the happiest time at Guilford honestly. I actually went down to the lake to read all the time. I would go at least twice a week and read a book. This was when I had time to do so. Nowadays, I have been caught up in life and homework. So, I guess this blog is an excuse to be outside. It is really a change of pace from what I am used to. You could usually find me in the Bauman basement in the computer lab or my room. The only thing I really did or do, even before the coronavirus was be in my room. I always had something to do on the computer. Which is to be expected because of my major, Computer Technology Information Systems. Some of my fondest memories are at the lake. It reminds me of happier times. Water in general signifies life. Whether it’s polluted or crystal clear. It’s amazing how things grow with it. For example, algae is still growing in our lake. I know it seems annoying and destructive but it’s still a form of life. I guess you could say any type of life signifies hope in a sense. It is more sad to see nothing grow at all. Also, not to mention those mean geese again but they are still chilling at the lake. Along with some ducks. Those ducks are so much more chill even if one of them did run me off too. Yes, I have a complicated relationship with nature. I like it but it scares me. I still appreciate its beauty and gifts that it gives us.

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