A reflection on technology

As society advances technologically, we see that human interaction declines. As human interaction declines, there is less of a chance to meet someone who you truly connect with. Industrialization has been a gateway for our society to evolve to what it is today. Many factories opened as well as many businesses. Human beings continue to find new ways of making money and life more efficient. Though, there are several things that have diminished and continue to fade. In this new age where women are allowed to work and make their own money, raising children or having any at all takes the backseat, and there is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone has the same aspirations and certainly not everyone wants to be a mother or parent. However, the issue is that basic human interaction and relationship formation has faded and has become heavily dependent on technology. People do not meet in person anymore simply due to the fact that there is an entire world at everyone’s fingertips. So physical human connection is on the road to becoming obsolete. What many people seem to forget is that we still need some form of care and human interaction in order to thrive.

Society has evolved and has faced various transitions over the past 100 years. One phenomenon that has drastically changed is marriage rates. Before the industrial revolution, economy was more agricultural based. Agricultural economies take more labor power to thrive and produce. That being said, people were more likely to have a lot of kids in order to provide that labor to cultivate the land. However, when the Industrial Revolution began, the family dynamic started to change seeing as how factories began to form and workers were needed. These factories paid more than what farms would provide. Work started to not be at home anymore but away from it. Which in turn affected family structure as well.

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