Art in the Gardens

The most amazing part of the gardens in particular is all of the art scattered throughout, in just about every section you visit.

The sculptures add a visual and interactive aspect to the garden creating an interesting vibe.

  1. The student sculpture I wrote about in my bicentennial history post, is represented after a student who would’ve attended the college that was previously built on the land.
The Student Sculpture
(google photos)

2. The next sculpture is the Music stand and bench. The bench was made by Jim Gallucci.

Music Stand and Bench Sculpture
(google photos)
On the Fence
(google photos)e

3. The next sculpture is called “on the fence” created by Michiel VanderSommen, sculptor

Wings Sculpture
(google photos)

4. Wings – Gary Price, sculptor

My own picture of the birds.
Free to Soar Sculpture
google photos

5. Free To Soar – Michiel VanderSommen, sculptor – 2000

The sculpture depicts a young boy taking flight like the birds around him. it reminds me of the reading,

(google photos)

6. Sundial – Ogden Deal, sculptor

Oak Leaf Handrail
(google photos)

7. The Oak Leaf Handrail Jim Gallucci, sculptor

The oak sculpture is one of my favorites because I really admire the blacksmith work it took to construct this sculpture. My brother is a blacksmith and creates a lot of archways and railings like this. I can only imagine the precision and time it took to create that piece.

Here is a picture of my brothers most recent archway project.
Archway at the bicentennial gardens

After taking some time an experiencing the gardens, I’ve really taken time to appreciate the art and art history of the land.

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