Asheville, Town Mountain Preserve

Trails Through the Trees

Asheville’s Town Mountain Preserve is home to plenty of beautiful houses that are surrounded by a large and colorful wooded area that’s parted by long paved out trails that help residents through the large woods and allow them to admire the beauty of the landscape.

Even in the colder seasons the beauty of Asheville’s hilly mountain landscape is a gorgeous view to behold. Winding paths that weave together and flow down the rounded landscape certainly gives the feeling that you’re on top of the world and reaching the heights of the landscape. The view from the top is breathtaking and gives the residents and visitors and eagles eye view of Asheville below, helping them understand the scale but also the culminating beauty of the sum of Asheville’s parts.

The trails are clean as this is a gated community which helps the beauty of the mountains to be preserved and on display in full glory for visitors and residents alike. These convenient paths connect not only the wooded areas to the public, but also connect down to the cozy wood-built cabins and houses that are scattered about the preserve.

The trails are convenient, well-cleaned, and also good source of exercise for those looking for a brisk jog through the woods, as well as an incentive for adventure. The Mountain Town has plenty of large creeks and wide open spaces in which nature resides. The wild and the natural lures us because its in our nature as humans to explore and be in tune with our more natural and wild side. These trails are paths to this adventure and they make traversing

The trails allow for easy access to some of the Town’s most beautiful landscapes and outlooks that overlook the gorgeous area. Locations such as Longspur Dr. and the Lewis Gap lead into the deeper woods of the mountain town. The trails of course also act as roads for cars, but the sense of excitement here comes from the thrill of hiking and trudging up the long stretching hills until the satisfaction of reaching the peak rewards your eyes and body both with a level ground view from the very top.

The trails and roads of the Asheville Town Mountain Preserve are quite literally the veins that course through the town and help connect all the locations and houses, as well as offering a transport and passage way for people to explore the beauty of Asheville’s great mountains. They wrap around the winding landscape and trail through many creeks, divides, and cliffs that are open for the entire population of the town, as well as visitors, to fully explore.

The reviews on the Preserve are mostly raving, one of the highlights of course being the beautiful trails that connect this town above the skies and atop the mountains.

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