Asheville Town Mountain Preserve


As we know, Asheville’s Town mountain Preserve is a beautiful place. It’s home to some of the most breath-taking views from the mountain tops in all of Asheville, its littered with a beautiful array of different trees, rocks, bushes, creeks, and water streams, and of course is home to some of the most luxurious cabins and houses that a town this size can offer.

What else will you get the chance to see during your stay? The answer may already be obvious, but if you’re looking for the definitive outdoor experience, you will more than likely come into contact with some of the beautiful animals that inhabit Asheville’s hilly, gorgeous mountains.

Picture of the Elk around Asheville

The Town Mountain Preserve itself doesn’t talk much about its furry inhabitants, so I’ve consulted the explore Asheville page to truly talk about some of a the wildlife one can run into while out in the wild. Elk are just a few of these animals. With their large antlers and furry coats, they make for a magnificent sight to see. While most Elk will be found near Cataloochee, there’s a chance these large creatures may appear in the deep forests of the Preserve.

A bald Eagle perched atop a tree

For bird watchers, there are plenty different kinds of fowl to watch in awe. Bald Eagles are just one of the birds that soar the mountain skies. There are also Peregrine Falcons, Great Blue Herons, and even Woodpeckers. According to these are only a small few of 200 different birds that make their home in the mountains before a few migrate south. This makes the town mountain preserve a prime destination for any bird watchers or admirers looking to snap some awesome pics, or just to admire nature with their own two eyes.

Of course, wherever there are mountains, you can always expect to see a few bears. It’s not too uncommon to spot a bear around the high mountains of Asheville, and this will often be the cause of many people’s curiosity, as well as possible panics. Luckily, Black bears are usually quite harmless unless provoked. These furry animals are adorable and fun to watch, but it’s important to take precautions before enjoying them. Make sure to keep food away from the bears, don’t feed them in any situation. Make sure you valuables are in hard to reach spots, and certainly done make an effort to provoke or egg on any of the bears.

The wildlife at Asheville is certainly a great splendor to see and offers some of the most unique and beautiful animals in North Carolina. get out your bird watching binoculars, and take the proper precautions, and you’ll be sure to see all that the mountains have to offer.

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