Asheville Town Mountain Preserve

The Skies

Sean Pavone, Budget Travel

Asheville is home to some of the highest mountains to climb in the U.S with some of the most gorgeous sights to see, many of which can be found in the Preserve itself. Another benefit of being so high up in the sky though, is the view from the very top. Basking in the glow of the rising and or setting radiant Carolina sun, the beautiful skyline will be there to meet your gaze when you reach the mountain top.

Mixes of purple, yellow, and light orange hues are the telltale signs of an Asheville sunset at dusk. As the sun deludes into a dwindling ball of light, a cool deep purple shrouds the distant mountains in mysterious darkness, as the city below prepares for a night’s long rest.

The lights from the traffic signs and speeding cars below lights up the city, to signify that even in the night, our lives continue every onwards, as the city itself never rests. The yellow gleam on the horizon coupled with the consuming purple darkness makes for one of the most gorgeous night time views you’ll get from one of the preserves mountain tops.

George Rose, Getty Images

Of course Asheville has its daytime beauty as well. In the morning, or this case, noon time, you’ll be able to look out upon clear blue skies, and the sun should already be out greeting the world as it once again illuminates the surrounding mountains, reminding everyone of the majesty and overwhelming beauty of the mountain scape that sits right on their front door.

The lights from the city no longer glow, but the natural light of the world shines a bright spotlight down on the “climate city”. The high scraping buildings, contrasted with the overflow of green from the woods shows that Asheville is a city surrounded by nature, and once that thrives off it as well

If ever you find yourself at the Preserve, push yourself to conquer a mountain or a cliff that you think you can climb. More than likely, your efforts will be rewarded with a stunning view.

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