Asheville, Town Mountain Preserve

Town Mountain Preserve Trees and Forest

This is a map of the Preserve

Town Mountain Preserve is a gated community near the heart of downtown Asheville, and is home to some of Ashville’s most glorious mountain forest nature. It’s also a seasonal destination for mountain retreats that offers plenty of houses for sale surrounded by the majestic woods and high standing mountain ranges.

One of the main attractions to the area is the towering trees that surround the winding trails around the mountain preserve. The majesty of these beautiful trees is what truly creates the sprawling flood of greenery that paints the town. IT’s also one of the area’s biggest attractions as its quite the eye catcher and certainly a prime location for some walks/hikes. According to their official website, the Town Mountain Preserve sits atop 182 acres of land with Quaint little houses spread throughout the forest area. .

Standing thin and tall, most of the basic oak trees are peppered throughout the large town mountain, as small paved paths cut through to allow visitors and residents alike to roam the beautiful green forest. Between these paved paths lie long, caved in creeks with flowing fresh water glistening off the sharp rocks and moss clumps congregating near the creek’s edges.

The trees are often bare at their bottoms and lower center, but their green tops drape over the trails below like a large fluffy green umbrella. Look up and you’ll be able to see the radiant sunshine, ever brighter in the mountains, peaking through the leaves, leaving thin rays of sunshine scattered through the paved trails. There are also several more natural dirt trails around the preserve that lead into these wooded areas as well.

Colorful skyline visible

This particular area of Asheville is much higher up in the mountains, which makes for a gorgeous view of the forest scraping the beautiful orange and purple blended skyline that illuminates the forest right before dark. The “Private Mountain Communities” website speaks about the area and states that the area is sometimes referred to as the place where “Asheville Touches the Sky!”

The area itself offers a wide selection of houses near some of the most awe inspiring areas in the the woods. The woods are filled with different specimen trees and properties up to four acres with breath-taking views of the large mountain ranges that Asheville is so famous for. The wooded area is complete with the streams and meadows woven throughout and the seasonal colors that are so vibrantly highlighted by the sunshine above.

Th fall seasons are when the true magnificence of the Town Mountain is in full display, as the the woods and trees are flushed in bright greens, deep reds, and vibrant oranges as the radiant barrage of colors falls down on the paths and streams below covering the town in colorful leaves.

Town Mountain Preserve in the Fall Season

If you’re going to Asheville, you’re most likely visiting for either the city, or the large forest mountains. Town Mountain Preserve is one of the best places one can visit to scratch that adventurous itch. There are plenty places within the forest for long hikes, walks, and plenty of beautiful natural sights such as creeks, streams and wide open meadows to truly get the full experience.

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