Bicentennial Gardens – a little history

The bicentennial gardens are a hop, skip, and jump from the bog garden in Greensboro.

The gardens are very popular with tons of walking trails, scenery, and visual art to admire.

As you can see from the map they’re relatively very close to each other. The bicentennial gardens is located at 1105 Hobbs Rd. It shares the same qualities as the bog garden such as being quiet, peaceful, and effortlessly beautiful.

The bicentennial gardens were created in 1976 by the Greensboro beautiful project. The garden is 7 1/2 acres and is filled with different attractions.

The Student Sculpture
(picture taken from google photos)

One of the main attractions is the sculpture located in the garden called “the student” modeling a typical student that would’ve attended the David Caldwell College. I presume this models a white man with money considering the time frame where no one was allowed to be educated except that specific group. The gardens were built on the land that once belonged to Log college in 1767.

The bicentennial gardens is also called the “sensory” garden because the gardens pertain to all of the senses. The garden features varieties of trees annuals, perennials, and shrubs. The location is home to a gazebo which serves as a popular wedding location. Often times when it is nice out a lot of people come to take graduation, wedding, family and lots of pictures because of the vivid landscape.

Greensboro Greenway Guide from Proximity Hotel
(picture taken from google photos)

The gardens are in partnership with Greensboro beautiful which is a non profit organization that is filled with volunteers.

Below is a map of the Bicentennial garden.

The garden has many features besides the gazebo.

At the beginning of the garden there is a way to donate money and also lend your name to the garden engraved on a brick stone.

Paver Plaza
(picture taken from google photos)

The woodland stream is one of the popular features. It is a manmade waterway that recirculates and runs throughout the garden providing some texture, sound, and movement.

There is a separate section of gardens named Camberley’s garden after the memory of Camberley Holiday, the former daughter of former Greensboro mayor Keith Holliday. The children passed away and the garden is dedicated as remembrance.

Camberly's Garden
(picture taken from google photos)

The rock garden is another separate garden with a creative stone wall section designed by a volunteer, Windham.

The section of the garden is the Lillian Livingston Daylilly garden. One of my favorite parts of the garden because I love lilies.

Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden
(picture was taken from google photos)

A close second to my favorite features would be the part of the gardens named the Alexander Magnum Memorial garden. The garden has a couple benches accompanied with three sets of giant wind-chimes that are effortlessly beautiful. The benches are on a stone floor with a couple big boulders and painting nearby. This section was newly added in April 2020.

The old mill which I mentioned in one of my other previous posts, is remodeled after the mill that David Caldwell operated in the 1780s. The mill has a free-standing water wheel that works with the recirculating stream.

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