BullHole Part 2

After I got introduced to the BullHole by my friends I would go sometimes by myself. Not to get into the water or anything but just to sit back and take into account that this place that was unknown to me has became a spot where I come to get away from my responsibilities and problems. There are a lot of spots at the BullHole because it’s also a park. There are waterfalls, fishing spots, trails, etc. So it’s pretty easy to find something to do when you’re out with people.

I don’t know if anybody else chose places that started to become a safety blanket to them. Ya know? A place that they would go when they would find themselves upset or feeling any type of way. But that’s honestly how it felt for me even though I’ve gone a limited amount of times it didn’t matter I still found myself wanting to go back and even missed school to go (yeah it even got that bad)

I’m not going to show any pictures or anything but I just wanted to share the experience I have of going here when I was upset and wanted to be alone. Even willing to miss school and be punished just to be alone and not surrounded by the people that I know. I don’t regret it but I definitely could’ve did something else but the scenery and the space to just be able to think is unmatched.

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