First Attempt at the BullHole

I’ve been to the BullHole a couple of times since I’ve lived in Salisbury but honestly, I don’t think anything can compare to the first time that I went. All of my friends have been here way too many times to count and they just so happened to be “BullHole experts” no one reminded me that I needed to bring old shoes in case I wanted to get into the water but hey my dumb self decided to go and I know what you’re thinking obviously I should’ve remembered myself right? Well, it “slipped” my mind too. I’ll explain why I put a pun in there.

So I wanted to get in the water it was a summer day and it was hot I mean hotter than normal since North Carolina’s weather is bipolar for no reason. But anyway I started to walk towards the water and I hear my friends murmuring in the back but I didn’t want to listen honestly but something in my gut did but I ignored it. I go in the water and the slippery rocks at the bottom caused me to lose my balance and bust my a** in front of so many people and I figured I’d want to be mad for the rest of the day but come on this place is just too gorgeous not to try to enjoy the rest of my day. Take a look at what I mean.

How could anyone continue to have an attitude when they have these kinds of views in front of them?

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