First Post – Garrett

Walk in the Woods

Checked the temp, decided to wear socks.

My brain was busy, too busy, looking at things, chattering about presenting later, all the meetings, catching up and helping folks from over the weekend…

Took a breath.

Had to remind myself.

“This isn’t your job.”

“Just breathe.”




Gently reminded myself.



Crossed Friendly Ave, between shuttling metal monsters.

Onto a poorly patched driveway. Easier now to breathe, and worry only about the sharp paving stones under my thin sandal soles.

Easier now. To Be. What I call The Woods are near.

My busy brain, cataloging tree and animal species. Breathe.

My head relaxed as I slipped between the shadows of last years beach leaves, still fluttering in today’s breeze. A few clumps of dark brown oak leaves still clung to their trees. A boon to nesting squirrels if it gets cold again in Feb or March.

Galumphing down, towards the pond, there is no hint of breeze, but the slow ripples sliding my way, tell me my perceptions are missing all kinds of things.

I miss the Muscovy Ducks; I wonder if they were driven off by the dogs the college employed to drive off the Canadian Geese.

Up. Onto the grassy field; it is so dry that there is not even any dew to wet my socks. 

Closer to campus, an ring of trash, grows thicker the closer I get. Earth has a ring now too, thanks to this two-legged animal.

Four pairs of Canadian Geese wing south as I deviate towards Archdale, to see if one of my favorite two-legs is standing in his office. He is not. I head west to inspect some recent stumps and see if the groundhogs have moved.

Into the desert of Hege, conditioned air and no animals but me, only Silicone Valley bugs.

The Guilford Pond, beginning of fall, 2020.
The Guilford Pond, beginning of fall, 2020.

I saw a woodpecker here on Friday.

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  1. I know this isn’t my assignment; but I was so happy to see one of our pair of Muscovy Ducks, paddling around in the pond Tuesday morning.

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