Gardens – 555

Bicentennial Gardens (picture taken by me)

Birds chirping. Touching flower petals. Sunshine shining on my skin. Crisp air. The smell of fresh water and moist soil. The 5 senses.

As I was walking around the Bicentennial gardens, I was trying to take in all 5 of my senses.

Recently, 555, has been appearing in my life. The angel number 555 spiritually represents the being in true sync with yourself. It also symbolize’s change. Change is something apparent in my life currently, as I am in a transition of beginnings and endings. Graduating college, moving, transitioning, adapting, growing, learning, living, in the midst of a pandemic. I’d say thats a lot of change going on.

Although in the midst of change, I have found that the more things change, the more they do stay the same.

The more you go through life, the more you are brought back to your roots and your passions.


The 5 senses are sound, touch, sight, smell, and taste. On this particular day I paid attention to each one of my senses as I was walking around.

  1. Sounds:

In the gardens, I heard birds chirping, cars going by, leaves and tree branches rustling in the wind. I heard people chattering as they walked by on the various paths through the garden.

2. Touch:

As I walked throughout the gardens, I touched a nearby fern leaf and felt the coarseness of the plant.

Fern plant (picture taken by me)

3. Sight:

The sunshine beaming onto you while simultaneously providing warmth, the temperature was low 60s with sunshine. The sky was clear blue -no clouds in sight. People walking by carrying conversations. Kids in strollers. As I was sitting on a bench my eyes finding glimpses of all the wildlife such as birds, ants, and other little critters. I passed by a “new” mill but modeled to replicate an old mill.

The mill at bicentennial gardens (picture taken by google photos)

As we walked along the river bank we saw trees with giant, thick roots protruding out from the surface of the soil.

4. smell:

The smell of crisp air, moist soil, and honey suckles filled the air. It was slightly cold with some sun shining. The city air is more fresh.

5. taste

The taste of fresh water. The water you desire on a sunny afternoon. Also the water in the streams flowing into other mini pathways.

Taking in all 5 of my senses in the garden gave me the ability to clear my head and be present in the moment.

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ K8 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 

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