Oh The Places You’ll Go in the Guilford Woods

The Guilford Woods is known for the many hiking trails criss-crossing its grounds like the veins under skin. Everyone says it’s not likely to lose yourself in there wandering down a path, but I say differently.

Being someone with low vision, I see the woods very differently than most do. I “see” more with my ears, nose, and sense of touch than I do with my eyes. When I use my eyes to see the woods, all I see is varying shades of browns and greens. Now, I’m not colorblind, its just that everything within a 5 foot radius is blurry to my eyes. I cannot tell the trees apart from each other using my eyes because every tree looks the same when I look at them; it’s by the feel of their trunk or leaves that I can tell Tree A from Tree B.

I can’t go in the woods alone because I have an extremely poor sense of direction. Keeping track of the forks in the paths is where I struggle most. I can certainly get myself lost in the woods, but I can sadly not rely on just myself to get me back out of the woods safely.

It is very nice to be able to go and be in a place where you are really able to let your senses run wild and not just have to rely on what your eyes can see. That is one of the best aspects of nature in my opinion.

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