RiverPark at Cooleeme Falls

This place is known to most as the Bullhole but to others it is RiverPark. Where it is, is in a place right in the middle of Mocksville and Salisbury, North Carolina. The Bullhole is a very beautiful place that contains so much fun and activities, for example, it is a great fishing spot and so many people would host picnics and family events (before covid of course)

The reason why this place holds an amount of significance to me is because it used to be where me and my friends would go a lot of the times when we decided to make plans. I used to be a football player and after our Friday night games we would see who would have to work or who was busy and then make trips to hang out there and have a little gathering here and there.

My friends not being the best swimmers it was very nice to have certain parts of the park that had very shallow water for those to put there feet in to get wet or to walk around in. (Although you needed shoes because of the granite bottom and glass that might’ve been thrown in.

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