Spring Arriving…

Spring in North Carolina feels like cold mornings, 60-70s in the afternoon with a possible slight breeze, and chilly at night.

The weather before spring seemed to be on shuffle, almost unpredictable. It will be rainy one day and sunny the next. It will be rainy all week and then sunny for a week.

You may ask yourself, well doesn’t April showers bring May flowers? In North Carolina it seems to start in February.

The park continues to change throughout winter and spring. I like North Carolina because you do have a sense of season change here. I also like this project because I get to see how these gardens change over time while learning about them.

Below is the a map of the bog garden. The map shows all of the key spots to check out while visiting the park such as all of the different trails you can walk on and manmade waterfalls.

During the “winter” months in January and February the park was cold and sullen. No greenery to marvel at or pretty flowers blooming. Instead winter looks more like bare trees and dull colors.

In the spring, as it starts to get warmer quickly and suddenly in late February- early March, the flowers start to bud. The warmth of the sun brings back life to all the plants.

Specifically found in the bog garden are flowers such as lilies, hibiscus, dogwood trees, oak trees, ferns.

Not only do the plants start to bloom, but the insects and bugs start to come out. Lady bugs, inchworms, bees, hornets, and lots of other little critters are found in the gardens.

As the sun comes out and everything gets warmer, the more people are out taking walks, walking their dog, having photoshoots, and it seems like the world starts to bloom as well as the flowers.

As summer approaches quickly after spring in the south, the weather gets very hot, very fast.

I have enjoyed watching the park change throughout the past couple of months from no greenery to leaves as green as fresh peas. The growth of the trees, flowers, and shrubs is unique. One moment they’re budding and then the next they’re fulll of life.

The growth of new trees and plants reminds me that even in nature plants go through cycles just like us humans. It is okay to not always be blooming and beautiful sometimes we must fade away and recharge.

Spring is my favorite season because it is not tell hot like summer, but it isn’t as cold and harsh as winter. The spring in NC is short, but I enjoy it while it lasts. The dogwoods are bright pink and an occasional cherry blossom with its light pink leaves will pop up. I think it’s important we appreciate all the seasons as they come and go like a spring thunderstorm.

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