The Bog Garden At Benjamin Park Introduction

On January 29th, the day it was cold partly sunny, and cloudy, the place I pick was the Bog Garden nearby Hobbs Road and it was my first-time experience going out particularly at the garden place. As I walk in I see family members or friends coming in doing walking, jogging, biking, talking, and others taking pictures which I’m was going to do that too. Anyways once I walk in I see a long stream that you can literally see the ground dirt and with that, I see rocks particularly shine rocks size of small, big, or medium rocks. On the stream hiding under some kind of above-ground trees where roots and specks of dirt, I see a lot of ducks mostly see ones brown ducks which are females, and the other ducks that have a glossy green head, white ring on neck, and body of chest brown and yellow nose are breeding male, I think they called Mallard. It’s impressive that females and males are in groups and try to find food to survive the cold weather on the stream or at the lake cool. As I keep walking on trails I realized there so many trails to walk not to mention see bridges but a medium one and tall trees blowing against the air surround me. I also realized it’s quiet and peaceful where you a certain area. The ground was hard and a sound of crunch like a candy bar but it’s a piece of ice that makes a sound. As furthermore, I see an amazing waterfall actually two that connects to the lake and along the stream as well. But the point is seeing that is graceful, bright, and scenic it’s not big, but I wish, hey it’s beautiful, and I can literally hear the sound like thunderous human-made waterfall seeing fairy and smoothly, but really cold. Besides that, I see rocks that are big and to describe that one is heavy, concrete solid lunar, molten, shine sparkled line and so on that I can stand on rocks, I think that area it was called Serenity Falls Bridge In Honor of Dorothy Lomax 2006 and the other one called Dr. Joe Christian “Serenity Falls” 2007, a very interesting and historical time to me personally. As I keep further long very walking is I still see a lot of tall trees one on water and others on the ground, but I notice there some trees that look like a bamboo tree across the stream when I was at the bridge taking pictures I don’t know what it calls. Speaking of the lake it was large and lovely to see Mallard ducks land to water in action cool. In my mind, when I look closely and standing at the side bridge touching the water is cold, limited fresh, and it feeds water to animals. Oh, I almost forgot is I saw fewer animals like birds, squirrels, ducks again and a chipmunk I think I mean it was quick and I have to glance hard was a tail color dark and light stripes that’s it. Overall it was beautiful and got a chance to see good scenes of nature, but I a curious question in my mind why the founder of Gob Garden is here near Friendly Stores? Was there a significant history behind Gob Garden? What’s the purpose of building the Gob Garden at Benjamin Park?

The Stream 2021
The Stream with a Mallard Duck 2021
The Mallard Ducks Group on the Stream 2021
The Bridge 2021
I made a Footprint and See Pieces of Ices on the Ground 2021
The Lake 2021
Dr. Joe Christian “Serenity Falls” 2007, The Gob Garden At Benjamin Park
Serenity Falls Bridge In Honor of Dorothy Lomax 2006, The Gob Garden At Benjamin Park
Look Like Bamboo Trees 2021

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