The Feel of the Guilford Woods


The Guilford Woods has had an alluring aspect to me since I first started going to college here. I didn’t go in at all until my junior year though. A place as large as the Guilford Woods would get me lost in an instant if I went in alone. But it is really a cool place to walk around in when I can manage to get a friend to tag along.

Being in there is like entering a different world. There isn’t the chatter of people that campus always seems to have, or did before the pandemic. All that can be heard are the birds and other wildlife like deer that can be found wandering around in there. It’s also often fairly muddy in there as well, probably because the tree cover doesn’t let in much sun to dry up rain from the storms. The guilford woods is a place that you can get lost in the nature of it all. You can hear the birds chip high above in the trees, smell the wet trodden on earth under your feet, feel the rough bark of the trees all around, see as sunbeams poke though the sea of tree trunks, but just don’t eat the mushrooms you find along the trails.

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