The underground rail road

While I was walking in the woods I found this bridge. It made me reflect on how many people must have crossed it. The years of wear could be seen. It seems like a branch was holding this bridge up. I am not sure if it was part of the underground railroad or not. It was near the giant tree. I know that the Quakers were some of the first groups of organized people to help free the ensalved Africans. That still does not change the agony and sadness they carried in their hearts. For the longest time I thought I would be able to sense see the pain and sorrow if I touched the tree. Obviously by just touching a tree I would not get a vision that sends me back into the future. However, when I came upon the tree it was still equally breathtaking. It is so tall that it seems like it is reaching to the heavens assisting all the souls lost along the way reach it. The circumference of the trunk is so large that not even the strongest of bulldozers would be able to knock it down. Oh the stories this tree holds. If only I could hear it tell them. The Guilford library website does a thorough job of explaining the significance of the tree that still stands today.

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