The Woods In The Rain

Being in the Guilford College Woods after it has rained is like walking into a different world. Typical sunny colors found on the forest floor and trees are more muted. They get replaced with the eye-catching green of moss, ivy, and freshly watered mushrooms that litter the bottoms of tree trunks.

One sight that really sticks out to me when it rains in the woods is the sound of the rain hitting different objects. The drops pattering the tree leaves sound so different from the big fat drops exploding on the ground, and it is music to my ears. It’s like hearing natures symphony, and the fact that I can mess around with different objects to make the sound of the rain hitting them is also fun and cool.

That earthy smell people talk about smelling outside after there has been a good rain takes on a whole other meaning in the woods. Everything gets real damp and the forest floor gets slippery with mud. The physical attributes that fresh water gives to the living things of the woods is amazing. The trees soak up the water through the soil and their roots. The creek runs high and loud with the fresh rain water sloshing through it. You really do start to see things in nature come alive when the sky breaks open and the rain starts to fall.

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