Town Mountain Preserve

Houses and Residence

Asheville’s Town Mountain Preserve is not just an eloquently designed nature escape, its also home to many residents who are fortunate enough to be living right in the center of the beautiful mountain landscape. Their houses have a clear area around them, but not too far outside are they met by the majesty of the wooded hilly mountainside.

Those lucky enough to stay here will bear witness to some of the most elegantly designed housing in Asheville. The great houses not only have a great look out at the woods, but also a magnificent vantage point from which to watch the purple and orange hues of the sunset envelope the skyline. There are very few places that can offer such a treat.

The residents of the Town Mountain Preserve aren’t restrained to small log cabins or a cramped hotel like most locations you’d find at a lesser establishment. As depicted above, many of the houses are outfitted with luxurious brick built houses with a two car garages and plenty of free open yard space. There are also slanted stylized roofs and plenty of greenery, plants and trees peppered about the front and back yards.

The gated community offers a range of different houses ranging from $720,000-$1,400,000. Property taxes range at about $100 of assessed value. The houses are eco-friendly according to their website. All of the utilities are underground and natural gases and fiber optic technology is included and installed in the buildings. The owners of the houses at the preserve only pay taxes for the county and not for the City of Asheville.

The architecture of the houses are well-crafted and blend in well with the environment. The brown and green hues of the forest are perfectly melded with the unique and vibrant colors of house. They don’t stick out in an ugly fashion, rather they compliment the nature and environment around them and are fashioned perfectly around them

Each house is widely spaced out over the several acres of land held within the Mountain Preserve. The houses are positioned so that you are in a fair distance between you and your neighbors but you are also close enough to where you can freely interact with them. Its a perfect getaway destination for anyone looking to live out in the woods and mountains whilst maintaining a small amount of contact with others.

While you might not be spending as much time indoors as you will outside admiring the mountain preserve, the housing is top notch and sure to impress any traveler or resident looking to stay. There’s plenty of space and certainly no lack of activities and adventures to go on as well. Even if it may not be the most important or memorable part of your stay at this beautiful preserve, it is well suited for any family or person who wishes to travel into the mountains for a retreat up above Asheville’s thriving city.

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